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It’s no secret I love my publisher. I think I’ve shouted it from the rooftops a few times, but what you may not know is they’re open for submissions.

What? I’ve shouted that too? Well, okay, you got me there, but this time they’re also looking for short stories. Like less than 30,000-word stories. That’s not even an entire NaNoWriMo challenge. You got this.

Why short stories? Let me tell you something, my friend. Short stories are a huge thing in the romance genre. Romance readers are voracious. They want new, new, new and now, now, now. So it’s great for impatient pen monkeys like me who want to see their newborn story babies out in the world asap. But I also believe it’s a misunderstood and under appreciated form.

Look, I’m a fast reader. I get it. You want that nice, long book you can sink your teeth into. (Metaphorically speaking, please. Don’t eat the books; that’s just awkward for everyone.) But as a writer, I love it because the short form is where we get the meet-cutes and the irresistible sexual tension that, quite frankly, are my favorite parts of the romance genre.

So, think you’ve got what it takes? Head on over to and check out their submission guidelines. They’re looking for LGBTQ+ stories of all kinds, but are particularly interested in short stories from these subgenres:

  • Winter stories
  • Mysteries
  • Opposites Attract
  • Office Romances
  • Pretend Couples
  • Second Chances
  • Reunions
  • Meet-Cutes
  • Friends-to-Lovers
  • Homecomings

You’ve got until June 30th for this open call, so get crackin!

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