Character preview: Adam Lange

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With just one day until the release of In the Present Tense, I’m giving you final a glimpse of the future. Today, I’ll be introducing you to the last main character from In the Present Tense.

Adam Lange
Age: 25
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Visual Inspiration: Dennis Oh

Mother: Jennifer Thompson Lange
Father: David Lange
Sister: Dana Lange
Boyfriend: Anthony Davis

Occupation: scientist/drummer
playing drums
Dislikes: reggae

About: Adam is in a happy relationship with his boyfriend Anthony when Miles reappears in his life. He’s not unfamiliar with Miles’s claim that he can time travel, but remains skeptical. When Adam uncovers a mysterious plot involving the study of time travel, he must reconsider his beliefs. Can he keep his relationship in tact while helping Miles to find answers?

In the Present Tense will be available May 19. Pre-order a print copy direct from Interlude Press and get the ebook bundle free! Also available at these retailers:

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