Authors After Dark and more!

I just got back from the final Authors After Dark con and I had so much fun I’ll be recovering for weeks. Special thanks to Stella Price and her staff for a great week! I also met some awesome fellow authors and hopefully picked up a few new readers.

While I was gone I was featured on some great blogs. Be sure to check these out and enter to win the great prizes at Joyfully Jay and Hart’s Romance Pulse.

At Joyfully Jay I talked about the portrayal of mental illness in my work and I’m offering a giveaway. I also recently got a 4.25-star review from them. Check it out!

At J. Scott Coatsworth’s blog I got to do a fun little interview where I reveal what year of my life I would live over again.

Finally, it’s Time Travel Romance Week at Hart’s Romance Pulse. Today I’m featured there, but there are a ton of other time travel authors for you to check out all week as well as some amazing giveaways!

Next up, I’m headed to Atlanta for the Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon. So stay tuned for more info.

(And yes, you can buy the bag pictured above. It’s currently available without my logo or with my logo.)

Visiting ‘Other Worlds’ through time travel

Time travel. It’s a frequently visited trope in science fiction because humans are fascinated with the idea of leaping through time on a whim. But what happens if the traveler in question has no control over it?

I’ve recently been rewatching the TV show Quantum Leap (1987-1993) and watching Dr. Sam Beckett “leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong” is just as enjoyable as it was the first time around.

And yet, our hero in this tale is hoping that he will eventually end up in his own time and in his own body. Time travel in fiction is rife with this theme. A person jumps through time and spends the rest of the movie, book or series trying to get back to where they started.

PresentTenseCoverI didn’t realize it as I was writing but that’s the story I wrote for Miles, the main character of In the Present Tense. Miles finds himself traveling along his own timeline, thanks to an unusual dissociative disorder. His younger self is trying desperately to reconnect with this first love, while his present-day self is trying to stay with his wife and cure his time travel condition. But really, he just wants to go back to where he started. Sound familiar?

If you love time travel with a romantic twist and mysterious villains who keep trying to thwart the hero’s plans, In the Present Tense might be just what you’re looking for.

As part of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s annual summer blog hop, I’m giving away an ebook copy to one lucky winner. Enter the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win my book and lots of other great prizes. Also check out the other blogs on the tour for more great scifi romance!

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Join Me ‘After Dark’ in Savannah

Hey, fellow booklovers! This summer is shaping up to be a busy one for me. In a little over a week, I make my way to Orlando with my publisher Interlude Press for the ALA convention. They’re set to make a very special announcement that you won’t want to miss. It’s especially timely given the recent events in Orlando. Please know I’m sending big hugs to all my LGBTQ brother and sisters. We all need it right now.

On a MUCH lighter note, summer also means I’m gearing up for Authors After Dark in Savannah. If you’re looking for a great mini getaway, this is a fantastic one. For just $200, you get access to dozens of authors for four days, plus some great panels, a lunch, two dinners and two breakfasts. In fact, I’m hosting the  Friday morning breakfast with some fabulous fellow authors. (One of them is my mom, who writes historical romance! You can follow her on Twitter @kikimeyerbooks.)


I’ll also be hosting the 11 a.m. hour in the Q&A room on Friday that will most likely be a game of Cards Against Humanity for some fun prizes! Watch this space for details. 🙂

And all of this is included in your registration!

But, if you’re short on dough and close enough to the Savannah area to make a day trip, you should definitely check out the book signing on Saturday. From 2 to 4 p.m., it’s open to the public and it’s FREE!

Special thanks to the following blogs for guest hosting me this week to help promote my books and AAD.*

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*I’ll update with links throughout the day as they become available.

On writing LGBTQ romance

Oh, I know you didn’t think I was done with the guest posts yet. 😉

Today I dropped by the Multiverses of Liza O’Connor to talk about the reasons I write LGBTQ romance. I’ll give you a little taste, but I think you’ll want to read the whole thing.

Nothing is outside the scope of human imagination. So why would it be a stretch to read about two men falling in love? Or two women?

It’s Pride Month and I’m showing my support and pride all month long. Join me and millions of others online using #LoveIsLove to show how all love is equal.

Bisexuality and time travel

I think that title could basically sum up my entire website at this point, but it’s also the subjects of today’s guest blogs on Hearts Through Time and LGBTQ Reads.

Hearts Through Time is a great new blog focused entirely on time travel romance. I wrote a guest post for them about using time travel to right past wrongs through fiction. Head on over and check it out, and be sure to check the author listings where you can find more exciting time travel romances.

At LGBTQ Reads, I took the opportunity to fully and completely come out as bisexual. It felt fitting considering June is Pride Month. Read about my experience and check out some other great authors of great LGBTQ fiction.

VBT: Day Ten

It may be the final day of my virtual book tour, but stay tuned because I have more exclusive guest posts coming up for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, check out these great blogs and enter to win that $25 Interlude Press gift card before time runs out!

At Molly Lolly I reveal a heartbreaking page from Miles’s journal. There’s also a review that’s kind of spoilery, so if you want to avoid that, just scroll quickly. 🙂

At Prism Book Alliance I talked about 10 books that influenced me.