Past Imperfect – Deleted Scene

Sometimes when writing a novel, you have to kill your darlings. And this was the case for me with Past Imperfect.

Ana Espinosa-Lawson is one of my favorite characters in the series. She’s morally gray and goes through quite a journey to find her own happiness. One of her flaws is her skepticism. She doubts Miles’s ability to time travel frequently and causes chaos as a result. In this flashback scene, Ana, whose personality was inpsired somewhat by my favorite dubious character, Dana Scully, shows us just how skeptical she can be. Continue reading “Past Imperfect – Deleted Scene”

The many ‘flavors’ of bisexuality

I’m going to be blunt here. I only came out as bi about a year ago. Just one year. 365 days, give or take. For the three and a half decades prior, I identified as straight. And not just publicly. I really and truly believed it.

For more than 35 years, I thought that, despite regular and not inconsequential attractions to women and nonbinary folx, I was straight.

Growing up, I only had two examples about sexuality: gay and straight. And let’s be real, the gay rep is still pretty limited, and up until the 1990s, it was mostly the butt of jokes. What I saw reflected in the world was this binary choice. Either or. You either find men attractive or women.

The only problem was that when adolescent me started having feelings, I would often find myself drawn to both girls and boys. Although I don’t think I had the awareness to look at it this way at the time, I had crushes on almost as many girls as I did boys. But my brain, with its conditioning from this binary way of thinking, couldn’t reconcile this. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian, and I knew I liked boys. Therefore, I must be straight.

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